Cycling in Dubai

Friday Ride

The Lakes Group starts and finishes at the Reform Social & Grill in the Lakes.It is a great addition to add some extra KM especially if you live in this area of Dubai. We begin at either 04:40am , 05.10am or 05:40am depending upon the time of year (The ride leaves the Lakes 50 minutes before the regular ride in DxBike starts) and ride along First Al Khail road towards Nad Al Sheba where we meet the majority of the Dubai Roadsters Ride. Once we reach District 1 we ride inside to the DXBike car park where we round up the riders and lead them out onto Meydan before heading out on to the main roads & highways. One we have completed the Roadsters 85km, we then ride back to the Lakes where we enjoy a coffee & some breakfast. This route is the same each week and is around 130km, arriving back at The Lakes at different times dependant upon the start time.

This ride is supported fully by a support car and an extra contribution of AED 100.00 is required on top of the regular Roadsters Membership Contribution. This is split between the Lakes Group riders each week.

We recommend to get to the starting point by car. Good Front and Rear Lights are mandatory for the ride.

Please also join Dubai Roadsters Lakes Group

The 80km Fast Group carries the same speed to the 45km water stop as everybody else. The only major difference is the speed at which this group travels back to Meydan. After the 45km water stop, the pace of this group rarely drops below 36 km/h and average 42km/h for the 40km distance back to Meydan. This group is for disciplined riders who are comfortable riding in a fast group with competitive cyclists.

This ride is supported fully by a support car, should you get dropped from the fast group then there is a steady group which will be riding roughly 5minutes behind which will act as a Broom Wagon where you can ride back with them at a steadier pace. It is highly recommended if you are dropped, to wait on this group and not attempt to ride back to DXBike on your own.

The 80km Steady Group carries the same speed to the 45km water stop as everybody else. The main difference between this group and the Fast group is the speed at which it travels back to DXBike. After the 45km water stop, the pace of this group sits at around 32-36km/h and is a group for riders who are looking to ride at a good pace and enjoy the nature of a group ride.

This ride is supported fully by a support car, should you get dropped from the Steady group then it is advised that you get in the support car and allow them to take you back to DXBike to ensure the safety of the other riders in the group. We do not leave riders behind on the ride, and rider safety is always a key priority.

The 115km ride starts and finishes at DXBike. It stays with the main group until the 45km water stop and then when the 80km Fast & Steady groups head back towards the finish at DXBike, it does an extended loop in and around Academic City and Al Kawaneej. This ride has an added water stop at a petrol garage and also has it’s own support car. The collective consensus of this group is more about distance in the legs than riding at high speeds, and so the average is around 34km/h. The 115km Ride tends to return back to DXBike about 0930-1000, and during the summer the number of riders drops due to the extreme temperatures.

This ride takes place during the winter months and is organised once per month by our very own mountain goat Enrique Klein. When the event is scheduled there is an event created within the Dubai Roadsters Facebook Group that you can join and monitor when the rides take place. This ride goes via the new Hatta road and back, totaling around 84 km. If you decide to go for the extended version to the first tunnel then the total distance is 113 km long with 1,300m of total ascent. Usually, just the 84km ride is supported by a vehicle and anybody looking to ride the extended 113km will not be supported by a car. (unless a volunteer can be found).

There are re-grouping points at the top of each climb, after roughly 40km. These are used to take water on board and give directions for the descent.

Cycle Tracks

The District 1 / DXBike Cycle Park and Meydan Loop Road is the area where the majority of the Dubai Roadster’s rides and training happen. We ride in this area regularly, and cars are used to seeing cyclists on the roads in the area.

This is also the meeting point for the Dubai Roadsters group rides. More information about the rides can be found on the Group Ride tabs on this page.

The Al Qudra Cycle Park is a track which runs from near Arabian Ranches out to Bab Al Shams, it runs for a total of around 160km with the recently finished extensions. It is a flat, fast course which is often used for various organised group rides.

The Start

The Full Track

The Arch at the Start

The Parking Lot with view of the Arch

The Parking Lot Panorama

The Dubai Autodrome has opened up a section of the race track to cyclists and runners on Wednesday evenings. Be sure to read through the Track Code of Conduct before hitting the tarmac.

The Dubai Autodrome has opened up a section of the race track to cyclists and runners on Sunday evenings. Be sure to read through the Track Code of Conduct before hitting the tarmac.

Spend your Tuesday evenings on our Formula 1™ track. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or simply taking a sunset stroll with the family, ‘Train YAS’ welcomes participants of all levels and speeds to get on the track.

The weekly Train YAS evenings are free entry for all. Clubs, friends and families; the fast, and even the not so fast, are all welcome to take part. Whether you are into cycling, jogging, walking or serious training, where else in the world can you make an F1 track your personal training spot?

Location (GPS): 24° 9’43.89″N 54°44’23.61″E


  • From Abu Dhabi or Khalifa City take the Al Ain Road.
  • Approximately 10 minutes down the road take Exit 47 (Signposted to Emirates International Endurance Village).
  • Heading straight you will pass over the Truck Road and reach a roundabout at Al Wathba Palace. Take the second exit heading straight through and following the sign to Emirates International Endurance Village.
  • With the Camel Track on your right you will reach the second roundabout. Take the third exit turning left.
  • Follow the road for a few hundred metres and take the first right with the sign to Emirates International Endurance Village.
  • Follow this road for a few minutes, passing a tree plantation on the left and up and over a small hill. AT the bottom of the hill you will reach a roundabout.
  • Take the second exit to head straight through the roundabout, again following the sign to Emirates International Endurance Village.
  • You will see the Al Wathba mountain almost right ahead. Take the first left.
  • Follow this road for several minutes until you reach the cycle track.

NOTE: there is a private property sign stating no entry after the final turn left. This land is privately owned and we are granted special permission to access. Please watch out for horses and drive safely. Do not litter and be mindful that access privileges could be removed at any time.

Some activities at the Emirates International Endurance Village might close the track.

Check out the latest schedule for more information.

Hill Training

Hill Training

One of the challenges in the UAE is finding good hills to train on. They do exist, but you may need to hunt for them a little harder than you if if you lived in the Swiss Alps, for instance.

Maps and reviews of 3 of the better areas to ride hills are below.

Location: Al Ain, U.A.E.

Starting at the Green Mubazzarah Park at the base of the road, the Jebel Hafeet mountain road extends for 11.7 km up the mountain, rising 1219 m (4000 ft).

Jebel Hafeet was ridden by the Pro Peloton as part of the inaugraul Abu Dhabi Tour 

It was featured as well by the guys at GCN as one of the EPIC CLIMBS and EPIC DESCENTS in the UAE.

With three lanes and 60 corners, this immaculate road was called the greatest driving road in the world by The road scales the mountain and ends at a parking lot with an amazing view of Al Ain spread across the desert sands. There is a beautiful hotel, and a private palace at the top of the mountain.

The Green Mubazzarah itself is worth a visit, and is an excellent place to meet family members after a ride. This green expanse at the foot of Jebel Hafeet is a perfect spot for picnics and family outings and during ideal weather conditions, the place is thronged with families out to enjoy the sun.

A popular sight is adventurists who aim to trek up the mountain and pitch tents at the base. In addition to special attractions such as mini train for children and thermal baths, there are also outdoor hot water springs which can be enjoyed by the general public.

There are also chalets at Green Mubazzarah for rent, which are sure to provide you with a wonderful stay experience, if you want to challenge the mountain more than once, or if you plan an especially early start. :)

Al Ain in the Desert

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road at Night

Green Mubazzarah at Night

Light Trails at Jebel Hafeet

Location: Al Ain, U.A.E.

At 1900 m, Jebel Jais is definitely the UAE’s tallest mountain and is every bit as exciting as a tall mountain should be. Rugged, at times wind -swept, valleys with sweeping views…and absolute isolation.

Enjoy the sweeping views of the valleys and beyond, at the top, where the blacktop ends. From there upwards, it’s a narrow dirt track hugging the rocky edges, so park here and walk up hill. A sharp climb brings you to the summit and its worth every bit of effort.

For cyclists, Jebel Jais offers a test of skill and endurance – what with the roads snaking around tight hairpin bends — rewarded by some of the most beautiful views in the UAE. It affords great opportunities for adventure.